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Michael Catlin To All,
I set up a Facebook group where we can share photos, files, videos, etc. The URL is

Come visit and join!

Thursday October 8, 7:05 am

Michael Catlin Any word on converting the Facebook page to a group?
Saturday September 26, 6:52 am

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston From what I can tell, it's not possible to convert a page to a group. You have to start over. :(
Sunday September 27, 9:52 pm

Tom What's on your mind?
Friday September 18, 8:22 am

Tom Worlds Largest 3D - Printer


Tech News
Friday September 18, 8:21 am

Butch Alline Ludicrously cheap - pro mini for $3.65 delivered.
Thursday September 17, 8:56 am

Butch Alline Friend of mine has some Arbotix stuff up for sale here:
Saturday September 12, 6:58 pm

jesse Awesome meeting yesterday! We were graced by 3 new folks. They all had cool stuff and one guy (Dan) brought one of his robots that's even been in the movie I, Robot!
Thursday August 20, 12:14 am

Famous Bot!
Dan's famous robot

Michael Catlin Bummer, another meeting missed! Sorry guys, I won't be at the August meeting. I will be taking my wife to EMDR training. Maybe September will be better.
Tuesday August 11, 8:24 am

jesse Billy and I will be manning a table at the Robotics Revolution event at the Jacobs building. Come out and say hi!
Saturday August 1, 12:04 am

jesse We had a great time today and I'm hoarse again from talking to so many kids and adults. The biggest draw to our table was my 3d printer and Billy's RDD2.
Saturday August 1, 7:15 pm

Butch Alline OK, so inserting the link did not work.
Try this: https://www.particle.io
or this: http://docs.particle.io/photon/photon-datasheet/

Main point is: It is cheap and it works.
Wednesday July 29, 4:19 pm

Butch Alline Yet another IoT device.
After struggling (and not succeeding) with an ESP-8266, I finally received a Photon dev board from Particle (formerly Spark I/O).
$20, 3.3V I/O, 5V supply, open source hardware, web IDE, STM32F205 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3, 1MB flash, 128KB RAM, Android and iOS apps, good docs, sweet!

More here:
Wednesday July 29, 4:15 pm

Michael Catlin Thought I would add a few files to the page.
Thursday July 23, 6:50 am

Tom RadioShack lives on: closes $26.2 million deal to sell brand

Tech News:


Check This Out!

Wednesday July 1, 3:47 pm

Michael Catlin We should start having some activity on the Facebook page. I found it and shared it on my page as well as recommending it to some of my friends.

If you have friends on Facebook try recommending it to them and if you find informantion of interest post it to the Facebook page to create activity.
Wednesday June 17, 9:04 pm

Michael Catlin Hopefully it's not the second Tuesday, Third Thursday or Second Monday. On a different subject, I got an E-mail from Vic who was at the meeting yesterday and it appears that I copied his address down incorrectly. I have some files for him but the e-mail comes back as a delivery failure. Hopefully, someone can contact Vic and let him know to e-mail me (he has my address).
Wednesday June 17, 4:13 pm

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