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jesse Robotics demos and presentations at Chilhowee park August 2nd
Friday July 25, 12:16 pm

jesse Guardians of the Galaxy opens this weekend too. Super Geek Weekend!
Tuesday July 29, 4:20 pm
Tim Klein
Tim Klein Admission $6. Ben and I will be there with the L&N robotics team.
Tuesday July 29, 3:32 pm

jesse I bought 5 ultrasonic transducers from Amazon for $6 shipped. They cam from china and took a couple of weeks to get here but at a little over a buck a piece, who can complain? I have't tested them yet though.
Wednesday July 23, 4:57 pm

Joe Pardue Still can't sign up for the meeting on the 15th.
Sunday July 13, 4:19 pm

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I show you registered. ??
Monday July 14, 11:14 pm

Joe Pardue I thought I sent a message to Tim last week, but no reply so either I didn't or used a wrong email or whatever. Anybody have a valid email address for Tim Klein?
Saturday July 12, 4:33 pm

jesse Windows is offering free dev kits for their newest embedded platform:
Tuesday July 8, 10:55 am

Joe Pardue What's on your mind?
Monday July 7, 4:28 pm

Joe Pardue Are we going to meet in June?

If so I'd like to talk a little bit about the Arduino 101 series that I've been doing for Nuts&Volts that will finish out in December. I plan on starting a new series for 2015 that will be built partly around a novice friendly Arduino robot. We have sort of talked about something like this before, but I personally am finally in a position to really get into it so I'd like to gather whatever insights the group might have.

Monday July 7, 4:22 pm

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston Yes, we're on for a meeting on the 15th.. I need to put it on the calendar. No, we don't have internet unless we use a mobile Access Point. (I can on my phone... I think Jay has one too.. ?? )
Tuesday July 8, 4:09 pm
Joe Pardue
Joe Pardue And if we are going to meet, do we have access to the Internet there?
Monday July 7, 4:28 pm

Billy Huddleston http://www.inmoov.fr/ Interesting! Looks like he uses servo's with a screw mechanism to convert them into linear actuators..
Tuesday June 24, 11:50 am

Michael Catlin Maybe this went into the wrong area (forums) so I'll repost it here.

Being relatively new to the Knoxville area, I don't know the best places to buy materials. In general, I am looking for square steel tubing, steel angle and extruded aluminum shapes. Is there a local metals yard that caters to the general public and offers offcuts and other selections? Nothing like taking a 20 foot long steel tube around the city in a Chevy S10. Also, are there any surplus suppliers with gears, couplings, tools, and electronic parts?

Sunday June 22, 7:52 am

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston For metal, I use Specialty Metals & Supply Corp off of 2547 Scottish Pk, 37920 I've only gotten a few things from them. I order from http://www.speedymetals.com/ allot. I have no good source locally for gears, pulleys or couples. Ebay, mcmaster.com, sdp-si.com, qtcgears.com for those. I used oldham couplings for my Mill and cheap ebay alumn beam (helical) couplers for my router. Electronics, only places are RadioShack and Shields Electronics.
Tuesday June 24, 11:20 am

Jay Flanders I regret that I will not be able to attend the meeting tonight. I have developed sciatica. It's very painful.
Tuesday June 17, 3:19 pm

jesse Sorry to hear that Jay. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!
Tuesday June 17, 6:08 pm

Bruce Chaffins 3D Binocular Playtime. Tools theory, and hardware. 6/17 meeting.
Tuesday June 17, 11:49 am

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston Sounds really cool.
Tuesday June 17, 12:38 pm

Butch Alline Parallax has 10% off for memorial day week end
Wednesday May 21, 5:36 pm

Butch Alline Adafruit now has Beagle Bone Black Rev.C in stock for $55.
Tuesday May 13, 10:45 am

Tim Klein Is the April 15 meeting on? Ben and I may try to come out. (Depends on how much homework he gets today.)
Monday April 14, 11:40 am

Butch Alline Parallax is having a sale for robotics week
Friday April 4, 5:13 pm

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