What's happening?

jesse Was the meeting moved to tomorrow?
Monday February 23, 2:49 pm

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I'm hating mother nature right now too.
Tuesday February 24, 7:17 pm
jesse ITT is indeed closed tonight. Looks like our next meeting will be the 'normal' March meeting.
Tuesday February 24, 6:08 pm
Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin I'm of the same mind. I'll see you all in March.
Tuesday February 24, 4:31 pm

Michael Catlin Next Tuesday would be good for me too. With all the ice I won't be able to get out of my driveway!
Tuesday February 17, 2:10 pm

Panorama of my tobaggon slide.
Panorama looking at my steep driveway and the street hill. :-0

Tom Next Tuesday would be good.
Monday February 16, 4:27 pm

Billy Huddleston With the Ice Storm. I think we need to double check if ITT is going to be closed tomorrow.. and how bad the roads are. Do we want to cancel? Or push the meeting to Next Tuesday if ITT will let us?
Monday February 16, 3:32 pm

jesse Good call! Why don't we reschedule for next Tuesday for this month only?
Tuesday February 17, 11:59 am
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston ITT *IS* Closed Tomorrow. So, No Meeting.
Monday February 16, 8:30 pm

jesse I am planning on attending this months meeting and I will be bringing my 3d printer to demo. I'll also be bringing a couple of robots I'm working on.
Wednesday February 11, 11:55 pm

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I'm hoping to be able to come this month.
Thursday February 12, 12:33 pm

jesse I sure you guys have already heard, but Raspberry Pi released their latest board this week. It's based on a specialized Broadcom quad core chipset with 1GB of ram. They upped the ethernet to gigabit as well. Oh, yeah the price is the same as the B+. Newark is sold out but should be getting more in a few weeks

Wednesday February 4, 3:27 pm

Butch Alline For Sale: Beagle Bone Black (Rev.C) board. New, never powered up. Asking $45.
Please contact occamrazr___yahoo.com
Tuesday February 3, 3:25 pm

Butch Alline
Butch Alline SOLD!
Tuesday February 3, 4:16 pm

jesse Did anyone attend the meeting this past month? How did it go?
Thursday January 22, 2:52 pm

Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Tom and myself shot the breeze for about an hour and a half about various things. Tom had brought in some material about doing diagnostics on a Windoz system. I hoped to talk to Billy about my failed attempts at placing some robotic articles in the files area of the club website.
Wednesday January 28, 6:23 pm
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I've had some major house work over the past 3 weeks and was unable to attend. I'll give everyone details on what has been going on.. It's not been a very good thing.. I can say that.
Monday January 26, 10:21 pm

jesse sorry, but I will not be attending the meeting this month. I am helping with a middle school robotics club and their first meeting will be that Tuesday.
Saturday January 10, 8:50 pm

Billy Huddleston Happy New Year!
Thursday January 1, 4:10 am

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I was up late. :)
Thursday January 1, 3:42 pm
Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Are you up early or staying up late?
Thursday January 1, 3:08 pm

jesse I found out yesterday that there will be a mech warfare competition on Saturday March 28th, and Sunday March 29th in Shepardstown WV. I am tentatively planning on attending! It's about an hour from DC so my family is going to try to get a DC trip in as well.

More info can be found here:
Tuesday December 30, 2:24 am

Billy Huddleston Merry Christmas Everyone!
Friday December 26, 2:43 pm

Michael Catlin Just in case you didn't get anything from Santa this year, Here is the reason...
Thursday December 25, 8:21 am

Michael Catlin Merry Christmas Everyone!
Thursday December 25, 8:15 am

Michael Catlin I thought I would share a short clip of an autonomous helicopter being tested from a ship. This aircraft had no "pilot" flying it from a control station, instaed it is carring out a preprogrammed set of instructions.
Wednesday December 17, 4:40 pm

Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Whoops! I guess that videos need to be from an external URL
Wednesday December 17, 4:50 pm

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