What's happening?

jesse What's on your mind?
Tuesday July 28, 11:19 am

jesse I'm gonna assume that this is Billy accidentally posting as me. If not, then the web site is possessed.
Tuesday July 28, 12:16 pm

jesse Are we planning on doing the Robot thing at Muse this year?
Tuesday July 28, 11:19 am

Michael Catlin Thought I would add a few files to the page.
Thursday July 23, 6:50 am

Tom RadioShack lives on: closes $26.2 million deal to sell brand

Tech News:


Check This Out!

Wednesday July 1, 3:47 pm

Michael Catlin We should start having some activity on the Facebook page. I found it and shared it on my page as well as recommending it to some of my friends.

If you have friends on Facebook try recommending it to them and if you find informantion of interest post it to the Facebook page to create activity.
Wednesday June 17, 9:04 pm

Michael Catlin Hopefully it's not the second Tuesday, Third Thursday or Second Monday. On a different subject, I got an E-mail from Vic who was at the meeting yesterday and it appears that I copied his address down incorrectly. I have some files for him but the e-mail comes back as a delivery failure. Hopefully, someone can contact Vic and let him know to e-mail me (he has my address).
Wednesday June 17, 4:13 pm

jesse I spoke with the folks over at Knoxmakers and we will be folding this club into the knoxmakers group. The attendance of the Knox Area Robotics club has been declining for quite some time. This move will give us more exposure to like minded people that want to build cool stuff. You do not have to be a member of Knoxmakers to attend the meetings but a Knoxmakers member does need to be present during the meetings and they will need to act as a 'sponsor' for the group. Joe Pardue has graciously volunteered to take on that roll. There is a big benefit to being a member in that you get access to awesome tools and a big workspace. They have a laser cutter, 3d printer, cnc router, and a bunch of other awesome things I can't think of at the moment.

Knoxmakers will be moving into a new store front in Knoxville Center mall sometime in July. This means that our meetings will move from ITT to Knoxville Center after they are settled in. I think we can probably plan on having our August meeting there but that may change depending on how their move goes.

Another big change will be in the meeting date. We currently meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. That day will probably need to change to accommodate events that are already happening at that time. We will be looking to Joe and the board at Knoxmakers to help us figure out an optimal time to host our reoccurring meetings.

We are extremely appreciative to Knoxmakers, Joe, and Butch for helping with this transition. It's a great opportunity for everyone concerned!
Wednesday June 17, 3:49 pm

Billy Huddleston Interesting... http://www.pozyx.io/
Tuesday June 9, 5:05 pm

jesse Robotics revolution is happening again with Sumo bots this year!
Monday June 1, 1:41 pm

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston Cool. Wonder if they want us to show up again?
Tuesday June 2, 12:25 pm

Butch Alline I will demonstrate a harmonograph at the May meeting and bring some goodies for Jesse.
Tuesday May 19, 4:47 pm

Michael Catlin Sorry guys, I will not be at the May meeting. I will be getting into town late that evening. Hope to see everyone in June!
Sunday May 10, 6:54 am

Butch Alline For sale - spring cleaning:

Dynamixel AX-12+ servos, working, lightly used, ,with cables, half price, two for $45

Asus 10" notebook EeePC Seashell series, Model # 1015peb, black, Atom processor, Win7 starter, with A/C power supply, good battery, good condition, hardly used. Has 3 USB, 1 ethernet, WiFi, camera. for $120 obo
Wednesday April 29, 11:27 am

Butch Alline
Butch Alline To each his own. I like Herculex because it is more compact, full duplex, better docs, and is cheaper.
Friday May 1, 6:39 pm
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston Looked at the Herculex, I like the AX-12 mounting better..
Friday May 1, 4:39 pm
Butch Alline
Butch Alline No, they work fine. Herculex works more fine.
Wednesday April 29, 12:54 pm

Butch Alline Mike C. send me your email address to occamrazr…yahoo.com
re: flying plank
Wednesday April 22, 3:25 am

Butch Alline New Python group meeting Apr 8.
Sunday March 29, 5:09 pm

jesse How was the meeting? I briefly considered signing up to give a talk but didn't really have the time to do anything decent.
Tuesday April 14, 11:25 pm
Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin I've put it on my calendar and will try to be there.
Monday April 6, 6:06 am
Butch Alline
Butch Alline URL did not appear, so here it is:

Sunday March 29, 5:10 pm

jesse I am planning on bringing my 3D printer to the meeting on the 17th and giving a presentation/demo on how it's designed and how it works,
Wednesday March 11, 6:01 pm

jesse Happy anniversary! It was a fruitful meeting with Butch, Tom, Mike, and myself. I'm not sure I want to lug that thing out again but you're welcome to come see it anytime!
Wednesday March 18, 12:30 am
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston It's our 14th Anniversary. I won't be able to make it tonight. I would LOVE to see the Printer though.. so, count on bringing it again! :)
Tuesday March 17, 5:43 pm
Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Looking forward to it!
Thursday latest celebrity news March 12, 4:06 am

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