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jesse Did anyone attend the meeting this past month? How did it go?
Thursday January 22, 2:52 pm

Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Tom and myself shot the breeze for about an hour and a half about various things. Tom had brought in some material about doing diagnostics on a Windoz system. I hoped to talk to Billy about my failed attempts at placing some robotic articles in the files area of the club website.
Wednesday January 28, 6:23 pm
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I've had some major house work over the past 3 weeks and was unable to attend. I'll give everyone details on what has been going on.. It's not been a very good thing.. I can say that.
Monday January 26, 10:21 pm

jesse sorry, but I will not be attending the meeting this month. I am helping with a middle school robotics club and their first meeting will be that Tuesday.
Saturday January 10, 8:50 pm

Billy Huddleston Happy New Year!
Thursday January 1, 4:10 am

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I was up late. :)
Thursday January 1, 3:42 pm
Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Are you up early or staying up late?
Thursday January 1, 3:08 pm

jesse I found out yesterday that there will be a mech warfare competition on Saturday March 28th, and Sunday March 29th in Shepardstown WV. I am tentatively planning on attending! It's about an hour from DC so my family is going to try to get a DC trip in as well.

More info can be found here:
Tuesday December 30, 2:24 am

Billy Huddleston Merry Christmas Everyone!
Friday December 26, 2:43 pm

Michael Catlin Just in case you didn't get anything from Santa this year, Here is the reason...
Thursday December 25, 8:21 am

Michael Catlin Merry Christmas Everyone!
Thursday December 25, 8:15 am

Michael Catlin I thought I would share a short clip of an autonomous helicopter being tested from a ship. This aircraft had no "pilot" flying it from a control station, instaed it is carring out a preprogrammed set of instructions.
Wednesday December 17, 4:40 pm

Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin Whoops! I guess that videos need to be from an external URL
Wednesday December 17, 4:50 pm

Tom Guys, are we having a meeting Tuesday?
I need to know as soon as possible.
It would be great to see the new 3d printer.
Monday December 15, 6:13 pm

Michael Catlin
Michael Catlin I'll be going. It's a geek session I look forward to.
Tuesday December 16, 9:05 am
jesse Yes, we'll be meeting (I assume) as usual. I created an event for the meeting. I believe I will postpone the printer presentation until next month so that people can have a bit more warning. This time of year is crazy anyway.
Monday December 15, 8:56 pm

jesse Is there a meeting tomorrow? If so, would anyone be interested in me bringing in my new 3d printer? It's portable in the sense that it will fit through a 36" door.
Monday December 15, 1:38 pm

jesse I'm going to skip the printer demo but I did make an event for tomorrow. Billy, can you make it a repeating thing? I tried but I screwed it up like always!
Monday December 15, 8:57 pm
Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston I wasn't sure we would be doing a meeting this month. I originally was scheduled to go out of town. Last Meeting was just 2 people.
Monday December 15, 3:43 pm

Billy Huddleston Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thursday November 27, 12:03 pm

jesse I feel like Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a clip for nearly every thing...

Tuesday December 2, 12:41 am

Michael Catlin To all members and prospective members. At the last meeting Billy and I were discussing what we consider the definition of “robotics” to be. I said that I thought it is anything that is electronic with some form of “intelligence that is able to interact with the outside world. The example I gave was that of a quadriplegic still being considered “human”. We joked that Steven Hawking would be more of a “desktop” device. Still, what is YOUR sense of what a robot would be. Need it be the humanoid form so commonly depicted ir would you consider a programmable “pick and place' machine to be a robot?

Or, even a house? With systems to control heating and cooling, security, landscape maintenance, couldn't a house be considered to be a robot? Think of our bodies housing millions of bacteria. Maintaining temperature, providing food and even transportation, our bodies are merely an intelligent “house” for these bacteria.

If we look at the Mars rovers, Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity, non of these looked human but we all considered them to be robots simply because that they need some on board intelligence to collect data and navigate the surface.

I joined the robotics club to get help on creating a CNC router. An “intellegent” machine capable of turning computer data into physical forms. My other interests lay in the field of model aeronautics and building an FPV flying plank which can traverse waypoints and return back to “home base” all the while returning video along it's path. The “intelligence” onboard would have to stabilize an unstable aircraft planform, navigate in the air to certain proscribed locations and altitudes and return to the launching point. Having it see and avoid other aircraft would be an added bonus.

Please post YOUR vision of what your robot idea could be.

Michael A. Catlin

Take a look through the website. Billy Huddleston has done a great job of providing us with many areas in which to interact. And, visit my blog under the pseudonym of LOBomber. I am currently working on using a Raspberry Pi as a file server for my home network.
Wednesday November 19, 9:07 pm

Michael Catlin I've put my step-by-step process on my blog. I'm thinking it happens when I make the Data partition auto boot. Thanks!
Wednesday November 19, 8:36 pm

Michael Catlin I am looking for help in using a Raspberry Pi as a server. Details about what I have been doing is in my blog.

Is there a possibility if adding a section for Raspberry Pi to the forum?
Wednesday November 19, 7:18 am

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi between protective Acrylic plates.

jesse I admittedly didn't read as thoroughly as I should have so take all of this with a grain of salt and healthy skepticism.

First off, /dev/sda may not necessarily be a USB device. The sda designator means SCSI but it can actually be any block device. With that said, it is entirely logical to assume that the USB drive will end up on sda because the only other block device will be the SDCARD which will be in mmcblk.

I see where you build the boot partition on the disk but I may be missing where the data partition gets created and mounted. That'll also need to go into fstab to automount each boot.

I also have to ask why you want to boot from the USB drive in the fist place? I would prefer to boot from the flash card and mount the USB drive as a complete data partition but that's just me.
Tuesday December 2, 12:34 am
jesse Sure, I'd be glad to help out. Can you post a link?
Wednesday November 19, 8:16 pm

Michael Catlin I don't think I ever met the gentleman but I am sure he will be missed by all.
Wednesday November 19, 6:57 am

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